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About us

Sinisco was founded in 1993 from experienced collaborators which started their own operations back in 1977. Afterwards, Sinisco merged with different reliable companies and by then Sinisco Group was up and running all over Quebec, offering different area of expertise.

Our mission

Sinisco Group’s mission is to offer quick, human and courteous support to our clients, whether they are insurance companies, business or home owners.

With more than 30 years experience, Sinisco is proud to have succeeded in maintaining high standards of services, while becoming and remaining a specialized company of excellence and efficiency.


Our philosophy is based on expertise, excellence and efficiency. We’ve developed a courteous, personalized approach aimed at building a relationship of trust with our clients. We make sure that every job is completed to their complete satisfaction.

In each branch, our team is composed of a director charged with planning, job supervision, staff management as well as customer service follow-ups. Each director is assisted by a qualified technical staff.

For large scale work, a mobile team is always available. Our local staff is supported by our general cleaning and air duct cleaning specialists, informed technicians, estimators, projects managers, etc.

Our administrative team working from the head office in Quebec, is made up of twenty full time positions, from the reception to the marketing department. This team is available for you at any time.

Each team also benefits from additional specialized equipment if necessary in case of a major disaster, in order to follow predicted delays.

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